Exploring a Wesleyan Theology: Frameworks for Lay Leadership

About the book

As a member of the Wesleyan family of churches, the Church of the Nazarene centres our understanding of the Christian faith in a loving relationship with God. We focus on practical theology that deals with our life in God and life with the neighbour in God’s good creation. Such theology is dynamic, because we continually reflect on our life of faith as we seek to remain faithful to the unchanging Gospel of Christ in an ever-changing world. This book uses the Agreed Statement of Belief as a framework to briefly explore the critical elements of the confession we make together in becoming members of the Church of the Nazarene.

About the Author

David B. McEwan, PhD – Associate Professor of Theology and Pastoral Theology, Director of Research and Academic Dean at Nazarene Theological College in Brisbane. Dr McEwan is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and for the past five years has been the pastor of a Pacific Islander congregation in Logan in addition to his ministry at NTC. He pastored Nazarene churches in Scotland, England and Australia before coming to the college in 1997. His latest book, The Life of God in the Soul, has recently been published by Paternoster.

About the Series

Scripture tells us that believers are “a royal priesthood” (1 Peter 2:9). This means that all Christians, in one form or another, are called into places of ministry and leadership. Not only is this a great privilege, it is also a great responsibility. Men and women desiring to serve in church leadership in some capacity undergo basic training to assure that they understand the foundations of the Christian faith and of our Nazarene identity. This includes a deepening knowledge and appreciation of Scripture, Theology, Ministry, Mission, History, and Holiness. Frameworks for Lay Leadership is a series of six books designed to do just that—equip lay leaders for ministry in the Church, whether local, district, or general. These books have the greatest impact when they are read, processed, applied, and contextualised in partnership with a qualified mentor.

Welcome to this journey of transformation! 

The Frameworks of Lay Leadership Series:

  • Engaging the Story of God
  • Exploring a Wesleyan Theology
  • Embodying a Theology of Ministry and Leadership
  • Entering the Mission of God
  • Expressing a Nazarene Identity
  • Embracing a Doctrine of Holiness


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