The History of the Cycloid Curve

The History of the Cycloid Curve
Research paper
During the 17th century prominent mathematicians became fascinated with the cycloid curve. It was their favorite example to use in the development of their new ideas and theorems. They would use 
it to help them in their new discoveries because the unique properties aligned with the curve. Since it was used by most significant mathematicians of the 17th century, it is important to examine the history of it during this time period. This paper aims to examine mathematicians work with the curve, find similar methods used among mathematicians, and find how the cycloid curve aided the development of calculus. In order to answer this question, proofs relating to finding general methods of tangents, areas, arc length to the curve and the brachistochrone problem were examined and analyzed. The methods used by mathematicians
will be explained, compared, and contrasted.  The relationship to the development of calculus will also be considered and explained.  The goal of this paper is to illustrate the importance of the curve and why it must be studied will be demonstrated in this paper.


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