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Effects of Discourse on High School Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Natural Selection

Full Abstract: Evolution, and more specifically, natural selection, is the foundation of many biological topics. Thus, a scientific understanding of this concept is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of biology. However, studies have revealed that high school students have a limited understating of natural selection and often apply non-scientific reasoning when thinking about the way populations change over time.


Peptoid Design

Poster, Week of Scholarship, 2015, Student Scholarship.

Teaching Intermolecular Forces using Forensic Chemistry

Poster, Week of Scholarship Student Poster Session, 2013. Honors Program poster.

The Molecular Social Network

2014 Week of Scholarship 7x7 Challenge presentation.

A Tale of Two Sigma

A presentation made at the 7x7 event during the 2014 Week of Scholarship at MidAmerica Nazarene University.





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